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Castelldefels Beach
Castelldefels Beach

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  • Castelldefels beach bordered by the county of Gavà and with Massis del Garraf.
    It's 8 miles of beach.
    Castelldefels Beach

    The beach of Castelldefels was awarded the QUALITY OF CLEAN BEACHES CERTIFICATE,
    which gives the Health Board for compliance with the inspections carried out during the bathing season of the year:
    no dogs allowed 1.994 and 1.999

    Now, we depend on what we grant

    * The degree of quality at the beaches was created in 1992 and is awarded on an annual basis.


    Bathing Season Quality sanitary water Quality aspect of water Quality aspect of the sand
    1990 Poor Not available Not available


    Good Not available Not available
    1992 Good Not available Not available
    1993 Good Not available Not available
    1994 Good Moderate Good
    1995 Good Moderate Moderate
    1996 Very good Moderate Moderate
    1997 Very good Moderate Moderate
    1998 Very good Moderate Good
    1999 Very good Moderate Good
    2000 Very good Moderate Good
    2001 Very good Moderate Good
    2002 Very good Moderate Moderate
    2003 Very good Good Good
    2004 Good Good Good
    2005 Very good Good Good
    2006 Very good Good Good
    2007 Very good Good Good


    From June 15th to September 15th

    On the beach of Castelldefels have good services and equipment maintenance, but this is not enough.Collaboration and civility for all of us is vital for us to re-award the Diploma in Quality of the Health Board, and the much-prized Blue Flag, which apparently no longer we remember ...


    69 showers and 12 footrinses 189 litter bins

    3 sports games areas
    1 children's playgrounds

    6 informative panels
    5 free wifi spots
    9 cabin toilets 10 sand bars
    11 ice cream kiosk and soft drinks kiosc
    25 wooden walkways for the handicapped
    (975 meters total)
    4x4 Equipment maintenance vehicle

    red cross

    Safety and Health Care

    Visit the Red Cross in Castelldefels Web
    Their work is indispensable

    5 First Aid posts
    Open Location
    Every day C/ 4 y C/ Perú
    And holidays
    C/ 11, C/ 17 ,
    C/ Venezuela
    from 10am. to 19h.
    1 central coordination and monitoring
    Red Cross

    2 towers and 5 seats surveillance
    Bracelets for identifying or you lost children

    Amphy-bughy for handicapped (C/16)

    3 permanent patrols of the Municipal Police Officer with lifeguards of
    the Red Cross
    1 boat Cormorants 3 rescue boats SR6
    3 ambulances of the Red Cross 60 Red Cross lifeguards Weekly Analysis of water and sand
    10 flags of the state of the sea

    Leisure and Tourism

    Library on the beach
    (from July to August, the Pseo. Maritime Area 2)
    Two tourist offices: Av. Santa Maria (town center) and Av. dels Banys (beach zone): from June to September.
    Touristic train "Trenet": from June to September

    Cleaning services

    Boat withdrawal solids floating on the sea front
    Daily cleaning of the entire surface of the sand in June, July and August (machine screener brigade and 15 people)
    Clean depth across the beach once a month, from October to May

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