#Rooms of IRC-CHAT

To make chat on iRC is to maintain a conversation, normally written, with a person or group of people.
The mIRC is an one of the first programs that developed to do chat, and that for its simplicity of use keeps being used.

The program works in the following way: being connected to internet, via modem or adsl, mIRC is connected to a server, which it is a computer that it belongs to a network where there are more computers-servers.
In every network exist the rooms or channels, where the people make chat, talking about a theme, their lives or games or other things.

The rooms of any network will be under the administration of a series of persons,- called operators- that they are identified by taking beside their nick (the name that choose to do chat), the symbol of the @. If you have some doubt on the channel, ask them to the operators or to ops, since they are for that:-).

Anyway, next we recomend you to visit the Mirc official website to get more information about netowrks, channels and mIRC software

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