A piece of advice in different matteres.

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Paper and cardboard Glass Plastics and PVC Tins, batteries, and oil Environment
Decibels, Pollution and Fuels Used Clothes Old furniture Gardenig remains Wild and domestic animals



The current rate of growth of the world population obliges us to starting a series of attitudes at individual level to mitigate the wear that we exert on our planet.

These are some of the ecological but practical pieces of advice. It is not our intention to intend to change the daily habits to follow them (although it would be what was ideal). Let's think that if among all we only carried out some of them, the favor that we would be doing ourselves to us and to our environment would be mutual, improving with no doubt our environment and our quality of life.

We only have a planet to live: the Earth, and nature has been late millions of years in adapting it, so that we can enjoy it. Let's not dedicate ourselves to destroying it, and let's think also that it is the legacy for our children. They have the same rights as us to enjoyt it. They also have rights to a future in this, our Planet.

Do not doubt to take sides in this matter. You have to fight for it. Act on your own iniciative: report to the Police anyone who damages the environment and inform others about ecological behaviour. This way you will not only favour our planet but your own pocket.




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