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- 15.000 - 3.000 b.C.: Prehistoric deposit of "Cueva Fumada" (Poal). A natural cave with a wide entrance and corridors.

- II - I Century b.C.: Remains of walls and iberic pottery in the whole area (mainly in Can LLopart, Muntanyeta, Cal Tiesso, etc.). The evidence of these findings indicate a settlement founded in the IV century b.c.

- II Century B.C. to II Century A.C.: The Castle Hill/ City centre (where today we find the "Plaza Mayor"). Great amount of Iberic and Roman pottery remains. More important remains are expected to be found inside the castle.

- II Century A.D. to V Century A.D.: Coastline Sands: Among the ancient coastline and the present one, many remains of sunken roman ships and wine amphoras have been found. The last relevant findings (1990) were the remains of a boat almost intact of 2 x 5 m. from the medieval.

- X Century A.D.: First documentary reference to the existence of KASTRUM DE FELS, in which the chapel of Sta. María de la Salut (in the castle) is mentioned. This chapel was possibly built on top of the walls of a roman "Domus".

- XI - XII Century: Building of defense and watch towers of round base (Torre Barona).

- XIII - XIV Century: Difficult situation for Castelldefels. Pere March buys from King Jaime II the castle of Aramprunyà and its territory.

- XV Century: The Town Council is born. Up to now, our city has always had a Mayor.

- XVI Century:The house of "Can'Arnan" is built. In the future it will be a hostal.

- XVII-XIX Centuries: A number of old houses (masías) which are still standing today were built. At the end of the 19th. Century Manuel Girona buys "La Baronía d'Eramprunyà", and starts working on the castle, possibly restored by Enric Jagnier.
The railway arrives to the city.

- XX Century: Construction of the the new church "Santa María de la Salut", designed by Enric Jagnier. During the first third of the century, the middle class people from Barcelona build the first detached houses as second homes. The GATCPAC prepares a project to create a "City for resting and holidays" in Castelldefels. This project could not be carried out because of The Spanish Civil War. However, the city improves itself to other kind of activities in relation with tourism, giving the city own personality to the reality of Castelldefels.

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